Chat with slurs for free no registration

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To accept a friend request, navigate simply to homepage and it will be waiting there.To manage your friends, either use the above mentioned button, or navigate Account menu - Friendlist Or click here!Click that and you'll be able to send a friend request.If the green button says "Edit" you are already friends!

Clicking on the message will show you a string of info about what has changed. Examples of the tag in use are shown in parentheses after each entry.

Groups are being phased out of F-list in their entirety as much of the purpose of groups is accomplished with F=chat and either Public or Private rooms.

Requests to create new groups will not be accepted.

Look at the time, and return in an hour, or if you are completely stumped, submit a ticket requesting a password reset, however you will still need to wait an hour before you can change your password that way.

Until no login attempts have been made for an hour, the account will remain locked.

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