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Wigner returned to Budapest, where he went to work at his father's tannery, but in 1926, he accepted an offer from Karl Weissenberg at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin.

Wigner explored quantum mechanics, studying the work of Erwin Schrödinger.

Diffuse reflectance spectra in the wavelength range of 510–840 nm are presented as a function of temperature to illustrate changes to the optical behavior of these materials including a previously unreported thermally activated splitting of the U-band absorption (-alumina monoliths.

Measured spectra are interpreted, in part, using published optical spectra for ruby; agreement between results here with those obtained using more traditional methods serves to validate the measurement methods used for this work.

Wigner participated in a meeting with Leo Szilard and Albert Einstein that resulted in the Einstein-Szilard letter, which prompted President Franklin D.

Roosevelt to initiate the Manhattan Project to develop atomic bombs.

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