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Elizabeth, the eldest daughter, married Sir Thomas Percy: the said' Sir Thomas had livery in tiie Isl of Richard 11.

who had been summoned to parliament as a baron in the 39th, 42d, ? of that King, and served in the wars of France, leaving by Flizabith his wife, daughter of Henri/ Lord Ferrers of Grobi/, two daughters atid coheirs, Elizabeth and Philippa.

Andrew, was 10 marks, Pei de Wuli/ole, by the prior, &c.

The ancient valor of this church, which is a rectory, is dedicated to St.

'Lhis Elizabeth in an old writing is called widow of Sir Thomas Pc/c;/, junior, in the 12th of Rich. and then granted to Sit John de Halsham and Philippa his wile, (her sister and coheir,) her right herein : it is said. and in the next year married Sir Thomas Percie, and remarried John Le Scroop, and was his wife in the loth of Richard II.

of that purparty of inheritance which came to her from the Earl of Pem J/roke.


80 sheep, and 4 bee skeps, and (i socmen had half a carucate of land and 2 acres of meadow, &c. granted the of Blickliiig in Norfolk; which If il/iain left 3 daughters and coheirs; AJar^aret, ilie wife first of J J ut' ./oidaii de Snekvile ; and Harah, of Richard Eiigaiiie, who in 1 jy 1 gave the Kmg 200 marks ' Terra R.

Here was a church en- dowed with 30 acres, valued at Mid. In this family it continued till the death of David de Strabolgi Earl of Athol, on October 10, in the 4yih of Edward 111. and having married Jort», (laughter of John Coi/ii/n, (by Joan, bis wife, one of the sisters and coheiisof ^^/owrt/x', aforesaid, Earl of Pembroke,) and sister and coheir of John Comi/n, Lord of Badtnagh in Tindale. , past, lord of this manor,' and left four daughters and coheirs, Margaret, Anne, Susan, and Elizabeth, uhich Elizabeth, with her husband Bernard Wilfeld, had license to alien her part in the loth of the said Queen, to Robert Cuddon, and in tiie ]8lh of the said reign, Philip Amileij and Margaret his wife, another of the daughters, had license to alien it to Arthur Downing and Susan his wife, another of the coheiis. the said IVil/iam de Faleutia Earl of Pembroke claimed the assise, free warren. in this lordship : he was son of Hugh de Brun Earl of March in France, by Isabel his wife, widow of John King of England, sole daughter to the Earl of Angolesnie, and took his name from the place of his nati- vity, and being brother by his mother to King Henri/ III. and his heirs, with a fold course in this town, I'lust Leiham, Dunham Magna, Neroio//, and Cast/eacre; and by an inquisition taken at Cast/eacre, Jprif 17, in the 7th of Elizuheth, Bridgit Cali/Onf, widow of John Culi/but, Escj. rent out of his mill at Lexham, situate on the west side of the town, witnesses, Henry de Rye, Ralph and Baldwin de Frevill,'' Richard de Sancto Claro, or . Cleer, gave the said monks his right in the church in free alms for ever, for the health ot his own and wife's soul, his heirs and ancestors, witli all the liberties thereto be- hniging; witnesses, Ketel the dean, Aluric the priest. Simon Bishop of Noricick granted (or apprbpriated) to tfie said priory (to relieve their poor estate) the church of IVest Leiham of their patronage, after the death of Benedict (Aiig/ici) English, to be possessed to their own use, except the vicarage; the prior to have all the tithe of garbs, with a moiety of the land and messuage belonging to the church, dated at Vrec (Creek by Burnham) 4 of the ides of » See in Castleaere. they lied all their lands and tenements in Riic/iam, to be seized, and their goods distrained by the Earl Warren's bailiffs, or the bailiff of the sheriff of Noifolk for the time being; in witness whereof two instruments were made, one to be kept by the monks of Castleacre, sealed with the seal of the priorv of Pelresloii, and another by the monks of Petreston, sealed with the seal of the monks of Cast/eacre ; dated at Caslleacre on Saturday the feast of the assumption of the Blessed Virgin Maiy, 3299. ISo Qt Roger de Barsham, vicar, presented by the prior and convent of Peterston. in right of liiswife;^ Ralph de Bcuufoes daughter and heir being married to Hubert de Rie, castellan of Nfirwich. in Noijolk, which came to him as an eschaet ; aiid in the 3d of Edward 1. IJa/nham, his brother, and wife of ./o/(/« Lvukenore, Esq.) his heir ; and it was settled by Jolin Leioktnore of Sussex, by fine, on T/io- mas Randolf, with the manors of b'ilhif, Fosswick, and Sliveky, Soon after this it came to the lioleyiia of Blirkling, and Sir IVilliam Jiolei/n died possessed of it in l.i05. in his '2d year granted license to Sir James Bo- leyn, to alien it to John Calibnt, Esq. Roger, who was dapifer to the Earl Warren, and lord, gave to the monks of Castkacre, for the health of Odo his brother, and IVilliam his father, one mark per aim. 'Nicholas, and was given to the pfiofy of Petreston. And an acreement was made between John, the prior of Caslleacre, and his convent, and lioger, the prior, and convent of Pelresloii ; that whereas the monks ui' Caslleacre had let to farm to the monks of Petreston, and their successours, two parts of all the litiies of tiie de- means formerly lioger de Ciessfs and i Villiam de Lexhams and all the land called Rabnehcood, belonging to the monastery of CV/sf/fac/r, lying in JVe^t Lexham, for 40s. to be paid to the monks of Caslieacrc for the use of the sacrist, at two terms; and on default of payment, the monks of Pe/restoit were liable to be excommunicated by the Bishop of Norzcich; for the payment of the said 40s.

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