White men who want to date black women dating site

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According to statistics, there has been a rise of about 7 percent since the 1980s.These are certainly positive signs and show the growing interaction between people of different races.

As I scroll dating site after dating site I find there is a common deception, done by both men and women alike.

And in doing that, are we only reinforcing the politics of desire that deem Black people less attractive?

When I read a recent essay by Michael Arceneaux, his words hit me hard.

He questioned why Black men in particular want so desperately to be acknowledged as desirable by white men who have no interest in dating outside their race.

He wrote, "As Black men, we need to value ourselves so much that no outside force, no prejudice — even one guised as preference — can make us feel second place." Clearly, this dialogue wasn’t only happening in my head.

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